Rose Parade 2018 Live Stream Best Way to Receive the Best Price on Amazon

The live flow -- dubbed "The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish" -- will actually be hosted by Exotic Or pass away, and also stream live on Amazon primary online video to meet its members on New Year's Day at 8 a.m.

2018 Rose Parade

The Tournament of Roses additionally appears to be enjoying along as Tournament President Lance Tibbet is also quoted in the announcement: "We're honored to work with Amazon primary Video on this thrilling air." Cord Hosenbeck along with Tish Cattigan will host Amazon's very first live stream of this Rose Parade with this particular calendar year's function, as shown by some video clip statement by the provider. Audiences are already given a preview of what sort of hilarity may ensue for this duo by the announcement.

Amazon stated in its video previewing the livestream that neither Hosenbeck nor Cattigan are newcomers for the case -- both have covered the Rose Parade for its last twenty five years for an undercover local TV station. Hosenbeck is also health professional a nurse, lifestyle coach and renowned dog-breeder.

Cattigan is apparently a former Miss Arizona and also skip America runnerup, who's written on wellness, marriage and connections, one of other themes. Tish is also well known on her "stint as helper D.A. Keller on L.A. Law." She lives in Southern California with her partner Brent, who spends most of his period. And if you want to get to learn Ferrell's Hosenbeck, only visit his web site at, at which one could observe at which to know exactly the bestselling writer and TV host give one of his inspirational speeches, which coincidentally are all now sold out.